Bed Bugs

Dealing with Bed Bugs? Start Sleeping Soundly Again. 

Are you ready to completely eliminate bed bugs and sleep soundly again tonight? The team at Dr Termites are the experts at getting rid of bed bugs with advanced techniques that eliminate the entire population while protecting your loved ones and your property. What are you waiting for? You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in your own bed any longer.

Bed Bug

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are the size of an apple seed measuring 3/16” in length and reddish brown in color. They are very visible to the eye and can infest beds ,baseboards, picture frames, bed frames and walls. As a homeowner, few things are worse than discovering you might have a bed bug problem. Not only are these bugs a huge nuisance, they’re also notoriously difficult to eliminate on your own. Do you think you might have a bed bug infestation but aren’t sure? Bed bugs are often confused with other bugs – such as fleas – so properly identifying them is step number one. Here are some common indicators that a bed bug infestation is present:

  • Finding red blood stains on your sheets, pillowcases and pajamas.
  • Dark rusty spots of bedbug excrement on sheets and mattresses, beds, cloths and walls,
  • Bedbug fecal spots, egg shells or shed of skin
  • Bait station that mimic the human breathing.
  • Discovering brown stains on your mattress, sheets, and pillowcases.
  • Waking up with tiny, red bites on your skin.
  • Smelling a musty odor near your bed.
  • Locating tiny eggshells or larvae in your bed.

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Spread

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, there’s a good chance you have a bed bug infestation. Give us a call so one of our exterminators can conduct a professional inspection and create a targeted treatment plan. Because bed bugs reproduce fast, you need to address the infestation before they have the chance to spread to several rooms in your home — or else you’re looking at more costly treatments in the long-run.

Get to Know Our Bed Bug Process

Are you curious how our process works?

When you partner with us for your bed bug treatment, we will: 

  1. Thoroughly inspect the suspected area(s) to confirm the presence of bed bugs
  2. Create a customized bed bug treatment plan based on the findings from our inspection
  3. Use a highly-effective heat treatment that is low-risk and completely family-friendly
  4. Thoroughly eliminate ALL bed bugs – and all of their eggs – in just one easy treatment


and say goodbye to bed bugs for good!

Bed Bug Heat Treatments as Low as $495

Our bed bug control service uses heat, as opposed to chemicals or steam treatments, to treat the infestation. This modern method is proven to control the entire population with one single treatment.

Our heat residual it state of the art treatment were we use the combination of contact kill spray, Heat and residual spray system treatment for continues control of bed bugs. Bed bugs start dying at the temperature of 118 degrees exterminating any live bedbugs AND their eggs .In addition we spray our bed bug spray system on areas that are heavily infested by bedbugs for longer control. This treatment has the less amount of prepping and faster control of bedbugs in 1 day only.

Our trained exterminators will kill adults, nymphs, and eggs with our strategic approach that penetrates hard to reach areas — even the inside of your mattresses —  for total coverage. What’s more, we offer heat treatments for as low as $495 depending on the square footage of the room. Call today for pricing!

Safe Treatment for Children and Pets

Heat treatment is not only the fastest and most effective option for eliminating bed bugs, it’s also the safest. Here’s how our treatment works:


  • We use a dry, odorless heat to create an environment that is lethal to bed bugs.
  • This is non-chemical and non-toxic, making it safe for your family and pets, as well as for your assets.
  • Since we don’t expose your valuable bed ware to hazardous materials, all your property can be salvaged.

We Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Just One Visit!

Most conventional bed bug treatments require at least three treatments and long-term monitoring to ensure effectiveness–but not ours. Our bed bug heat treatments are 100% effective with just one treatment. We’re dedicated to returning you to total comfort in the most informed, efficient manner possible. With skilled exterminators that will answer all your questions along the way, you can sleep soundly again tonight!

Our Bed Bug Spray System


In some circumstances, we can use our bed bug spray system in a combination of contact, residual and growth regulator to control bed bugs. This is a longer process and may take a couple weeks to control but very effective as well. There is a lot of preparation needed for this process on every treatment scheduled for complete control. Our first contact spray we go around the interior of home spraying drawers, bed frames and baseboards. This guarantees a quick knockdown of any live bedbugs. The second step we use a treatment that leaves a residual effect on bedbugs for long continued control in-between treatments. Our last treatment controls their population with a growth hormone that prevents them from reproducing.

Commercial Treatment For Hotels and Apartments


In commercial applications we use our very discrete treatments for clients not to suspect any type of treatment going on. We use our state of the arts heaters that go inside the room and not at the exterior of the room the only thing people see is a closed door. We place heaters with a computer monitor that controls the temperature at precise degree for long period of time. In combination we use also use our bedbug spray system to guarantee fast control. Only 1 day of treatment and room can return to business. This is a great, discrete and effective method of controlling and dealing with bed big issues and prevent room inventory to be down for a prolonged period of time, which can get very expensive, very quickly.  Please call for a no obligation consultation where we can discuss with the further the process and special commercial pricing.


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